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Rebecca J. Hickey

Hello, Friends! Welcome to The Picky Celiac, where I hope to provide inspiration, tips, and tricks for delicious gluten free meals (that won't take all day to prepare). 

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in May of 2018, which admittedly was a very difficult pill for me to swallow. I had long been dubbed the "mac n cheese queen" and you very rarely saw me eating something that didn't contain gluten in it. Honestly, looking back, I think my favorite food probably was gluten. However, the doctor told me this could be a life or death situation and that it was pertinent I cut ALL gluten out. Not just food, but beauty products, skin care products, etc. 

My husband and I jumped in head first and started doing massive amounts of research and experimenting with any and every gluten free product we could get our hands on. We started taking some of our favorite recipes pre-diagnosis and figuring out how to convert them to gluten-free friendly alternatives. 

It is important to know, gluten free does not automatically mean that it is a healthier alternative to the full-gluten meal. In fact, many medical professionals do not recommend a gluten free diet unless you HAVE to be on one. Many gluten free alternatives contain excess sugars or fats in order to compensate for taste. My aim is not to provide recipes which would elicit weight loss, but rather to provide recipes for gluten free meals that taste good! 

I am in no way a professional chef and I am learning new tricks everyday to make my recipes better. With this in mind, I want to take you on that journey with me! You can check recipes that are still being workshopped in the "Are We There Yet" category. In that section, I will share what I am working to perfect and if you have any suggestions or tips, I would love to hear from you either in the comment section or by email! Once the recipe seems to be at its best, it will be added the "Recipes" section. 

In the category labeled "The Blog," I will be sharing stories from my Celiac journey, product reviews, and other gems!


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