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Avocado Toast Egg Sandwich

Hello friends! Have you ever been craving brunch, but can't decide between avocado toast or a classic egg sandwich? To you I say... por que no los dos?!

Honestly, there is not a huge inspiring story behind why I wanted to figure out how to make a decent gluten free sandwich... it was more that sandwiches are easy and Trader Joe's had avocados on sale! All that aside, this sandwich is super filling and really delicious! The secret is all in the bread, and with all the flavor in this sandwich - even Brad can't tell it's gluten free!

What gluten free breads do I recommend?

The first is Trader Joe's brand, they have hamburger buns, white bread, bagels, whole grain bread... the list goes on. This bread does not come frozen, which I think actually helps the flavor a lot. Plus, the size of each slice is the size of a normal slice of bread. If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, I highly recommend you RUN there now. Trader Joe's is a very gluten free friendly company and they are constantly coming out with new products worth trying. The bread pictured is Trader Joe's Multigrain Bread.

The second is Ener-G bread. This is definitely a more doughy bread, which can make the flavor a little overwhelming if you don't like a doughier taste. I personally like a sort of doughy taste, so it never bothered me. This also makes for a good DIY garlic bread because it toasts in the oven very nicely. Ener-G has lots of gluten free bread products, including dinner rolls which was a really exciting find for me! I have been able to find Ener-G products at both Kroger and Food Lion. Food Lion has it in their very easy to find gluten free section. Kroger has it a little more hidden, in that it is in the baking aisle. I have no idea why... I am just here to deliver the information. Like the Trader Joe's bread, Ener-G is also the size of a normal slice of bread, which for those who eat a lot of gluten free breads know that is a HUGE win!

The last gluten free bread I have found that we like is Canyon Bakehouse. This bread can be bought either frozen or fresh and does have a great flavor. It is also the easiest bread to find. I have been able to find Canyon Bakehouse at pretty much every major grocery store, including Walmart! Canyon Bakehouse has lots of products, including bagels and their bagels are absolutely delicious! The only downside to Canyon Bakehouse's sandwich bread is that it is quite small. Each slice is about half the size of a normal slice of bread, which can make sandwich building really trying. It also is not as sturdy as the other two products above, likely due to size. Still very good flavor, though and it works great as toast on its own!

Onto the Sandwich!

For this you will need butter, two slices of gluten free bread, an egg, half of an avocado, and shredded cheese. You can also add whatever else you like to this sandwich, be it bacon or tomato or seasonings for the avocado... really anything! Use your imagination!

I start by popping my bread into a toaster. Be careful though, and start on a lower number for your toaster (if you're using a classic pop-up toaster). Gluten free bread tends to toast really fast and gets burned very easily... and it is a little bit gross once burned. So, you can always toast a little more, but you cannot untoast it. So proceed with caution!

While my bread is toasting, I start melting a little pad of butter in my frying pan. I usually have the pan over medium-high heat. While your butter is melting, go ahead and cut open your avocado and spoon the inside into a bowl. If you're only making one sandwich, cover the other half of your avocado with plastic wrap. If you're nice like me, and are making two sandwiches for your significant other or parent or sibling (or whoever) you will want to use the whole avocado!

Your butter should be melted now, so crack your egg straight into the pan avoiding any shell droppage. I like to break my yolk, but if you prefer a runny egg you don't need to break it! Add salt and pepper to your egg to taste. Let the egg fry, but watch it closely. Once you see the edges of the egg whitening to browning, go ahead and flip the egg. Turn your heat down to low and sprinkle your cheese of choice onto the egg. Cover your frying pan with a lid, this helps the cheese melt faster!

While you're waiting for your cheese to melt and the egg to finish cooking, grab your toast and butter one side of each piece of toast. Next, add some seasonings to your avocado, I usually add garlic powder, Italian seasoning, Cajun seasoning, salt, and pepper. You can use anything, though! If you like spicy, you can add a little cayenne pepper or whatever you like! Once you have added your seasonings, mash up the avocado, until you have an almost guacamole consistency. Spread the mashed avocado over the buttered side of one piece of toast.

Take the lid off of your egg and soak in that cheesy goodness! Go ahead and put the egg on top of your avocado and then place your second piece of bread (butter side down) on top! You can also add bacon or any other toppings!

Then enjoy with some chips or some fresh fruit! Definitely go try this today, you will not be disappointed and make sure to follow for more tips and tricks!



Avocado Toast Egg Sandwich


o Two Slices Gluten Free Bread

o ½ an Avocado

o 1 Large Egg

o ¼ Cup of Shredded Cheese

o Butter

o Salt and Pepper to Taste


1. Put bread in toaster (watch carefully – GF bread tends to burn easily!)

2. While bread is toasting, melt some butter in your frying pan over medium heat

3. Cut your avocado in half and scoop out avocado into bowl

4. Crack your egg into pan, add some salt and pepper then fry your egg to your liking (I usually break the yolk, but you do not have to!)

5. Once your egg is starting to brown around the edges, flip your egg

6. Cover your egg in shredded cheese, turn your heat down to low, and cover with a lid

7. Butter one side of each piece of toast

8. Add any seasonings you want to your avocado (I use garlic powder, Italian seasoning, Cajun seasoning, salt, and pepper)

9. Mash your avocado

10. Spread mashed avocado onto buttered side of one piece of toast

11. Place egg on top of avocado, and top with any add-ons you wish!

12. Add second piece of toast, butter side down

13. Grab your iced coffee (or mimosa) and enjoy!

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