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The BEST Gluten Free Snacks!

I should start by saying, this is NOT a sponsored post! That being said, I have always been a major snacker. I've never been one to eat the traditional three meals a day. I would much rather skip breakfast, snack throughout the day and then eat a nice, filling dinner. Maybe not the healthiest option... but it is what works for me! So, I really struggled when I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease because so many of my favorite snacks were now off limits. Going snackless was NEVER an option, so I have tried tons of different snacks and this list includes my husband's and my favorites. Some of the items on this list may surprise you (pleasantly)! These all travel well and are perfect for road trips or travel in general. I always keep a couple snacks in my carry on for plane rides due to the lack of options in the airport!

Let's Start With Breakfast!

These are just like a classic breakfast bar. You can find them in either blueberry or strawberry, blueberry is our personal favorite. In the box, each bar comes individually wrapped, which makes them perfect when you're on the go. I would keep a box of these in my desk at work or would just throw a single bar in my purse for those longer days. They are really delicious and one bar is surprisingly filling! I could eat one of these with my coffee in the morning and be totally comfortable until lunch time! 10/10

Next up are these Katz donuts! No more donuts was a hard pill for me to swallow... in fact no more delicious breakfast baked goods was a really hard pill to swallow. These definitely filled that void, though. The Katz brand makes ton of gluten free products, you can get donuts in all sorts of flavors plus other danishes (like apple fritters... YUM!) My husband and I fight over these when I have them in the pantry. They are so moist and pack a huge flavor! If you have a toaster oven, you can throw these in there for a little bit and it is so satisfying when it is a little chilly outside; however, we usually just eat them straight out of the box. These can be a little tricky to find because in the grocery store they are in the frozen section. You can keep them in the freezer, but you will want to let them thaw before digging in. In the Hickey House, we are fully aware they won't be around long enough for them to go bad so they just go straight into our pantry! You can also find these yummies on Amazon!

Here is another example of something my husband and I fight over! Now let me be clear, my husband does NOT have Celiac Disease and is not gluten free... some of these snacks are just really that good! These are like tiny little apple pies. Each bite comes individually wrapped within this box which makes this another treat perfect when you're on the go! Each bite has a granola type exterior, but when you bite into it there are actual apples in a gooey sort of sauce inside. This gooey inside makes this taste just like a little apple pie and has so much satisfying flavor! You can also see from the box, these are vegan safe, soy free, and non-GMO... making these a major win if you ask me! This brand (Bobo's) has a ton of delicious options and all are worth exploring, but these are definitely Hickey House approved!

Moving On To Saltier Snacks...

Many are surprised to discover that most potato chips are naturally gluten free! This makes afternoon snacking particularly easy. These are a staple in our house just because of how much flavor these have. Each chip packs a little heat... but nothing overwhelming. Trust me, I am a giant baby when it comes to spicy! These have just enough spice for them to be super tasty! While these are one of our favorites, really any potato chip should be safe for you. I always encourage a good label check, though!

Ever have some cheese on hand and wish you could have some crackers to go with it? Well, now you can! These Vans crackers come in a few different flavors and are soooo good! Whenever we have company and I put these out, they go like hot cakes. We absolutely love to host at our house and I try really hard to make everything gluten free, just to avoid any opportunity for cross contamination. These have so much flavor and have such a satisfying crunch, most people never even suspect they are gluten free until they see me eating them! Vans also has a good Cheezit copycat that is really good, but these are definitely our go to! They go great with sliced cheese or some pimento cheese spread on them... *drool*!

This is an example of a gluten free snack that tends to surprise people! Because each little bite is so thick, a lot of people just assume there must be gluten in it. Luckily, these are made from potatoes and are essentially just a thicker potato chip! Now, many people with Celiac Disease are unable to have dairy in addition to gluten, I personally do not have to avoid dairy. With this in mind, my go to is the white cheddar flavor. If you are one of those who cannot have dairy, there are other flavors of Poppables that should be dairy free. As always, I encourage you to check labels. Also note, these potato chip snacks typically will not be gluten free certified because they are naturally gluten free. I have never had a reaction to any of these snacks, but you need to gauge what is best for you!

Popcorn is a CLASSIC and luckily it is also 100% naturally gluten free. From movie theatre popcorn to this bag of delicious popcorn, it should all be safe! You can see on the bag, it even boasts a gluten free label! This was a huge relief to me because I am a major fan of popcorn while I watch a movie and the fact that did not need to stop provided a small sense of comfort. This particular product will have dairy in it due to the cheese, so if you are sensitive to dairy be weary of that; however, there are butter free popcorn options on the market that would be perfect for you!

Let Them Eat... Dessert?

Dessert can be a tough one for us gluten free folk! There are so many delicious desserts seemingly shoved in our faces at every turn... and they are sooo tempting! I know when I worked in an office, there would be a cake for EVERY birthday. I started keeping something sweet in my desk so I could join in the celebration but not feel tempted to eat the gluten-filled treat before me. These Glutino Super Stuffed Cookies are a Mega-Stuffed Oreo copycat and boy do they come close to the real deal! These are so yummy and are certified gluten free. How can it get any better? Glutino has tons of different gluten free products (both sweet and savory) but these definitely deserve all the hype!

These are a Hickey House staple! We absolutely love these gummies and I pretty much buy them whenever we find ourselves at a gas station! These are much softer than other gummies on the market and have so much fruity flavor! They are honestly borderline juicy. While most gummies should be gluten free, you will want to check the packaging. With some shaped candies, the company will flour the molds making them NOT gluten free. It is a very frustrating turn of events, but these are definitely gluten free plus fat free and low sodium to boot! Can your candy do that?

These are so delicious! I find them on Amazon and they taste great broken up in ice cream, with coffee, or just on their own! Amazon has a ton of different flavors of these cookies, but I usually go for the French Vanilla flavor. These are certified gluten free and are definitely worth a try!

Enjoy Life Eat Freely is an absolutely incredible brand. If you have never heard of them, you NEED to go buy one of their products today. Each of their products are allergy friendly, meaning they are free from essentially any of the common allergens (including gluten!) You can see a list of all of the items these cookies are free of on the side of the box. Additionally, the facility these are made in are also free from these allergens, which is a HUGE win! I know another allergy that is difficult to find products for are sulfates and this is also sulfate free. A common question I get asked is, "well without all of those things in them... they must taste like cardboard, right?" WRONG! These taste amazing and come in dozens of flavors. But, they don't just sell cookies. Enjoy Life has a ton of different products worth checking out, for example they sell chocolate bars, chocolate chips (for baking), granola bars, and a bunch of other items!

Another cookie?! I know, I know... but we are a big fan of cookies over here! Nana's cookies are seriously good. In the summer months you can buy a bag of blueberry lemon cookies that are honestly to die for. You can see from the packaging that these are also dairy free and vegan, making these perfect for those suffering from dairy sensitivity as a result of their Celiac Disease. They have a sort of shortbread consistency making the outside crunchy and the inside a beautiful chewy texture. I have gotten a bunch of people hooked on these since I found them!

These are a handful of gluten free snacks that are Hickey House approved. I hope this list helps you build your gluten free kitchen, especially those of you with gluten free kiddos! We are always trying new snacks, so if this is something you found particularly helpful make sure to comment that so that I know to keep posts like this one coming!

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